Painting Commissions

I am currently offering services for abstract painting commissions.  Please keep in mind that each commissioned painting will be one-of-a-kind and will and should not be duplicated in any way.

  • $100 deposit to start
  • Optional 30 minute consultation
  • Choice of the size of foundation (in inches)
  • Choice of song for painting to represent
  • Canvas Size Options:
    • 5x7 — $40
    • 8x10 — $55
    • 10x10 — $60
    • 11x14 — $75
    • 12x16 — $75
    • 16x20 (standard size) — $85
    • 20x20 — $90
    • 20x24 — $90
    • 24x36 — $95
    • 30x40 — $105
    • 30x48 — $105
    • 36x36 — $200
    • 36x48 — $200
    • 48x60 — $250
    • Larger sizes: $350 per canvas
  • Paper Size Options:
    • 6x8 — $30
    • 9x12 — $45
    • 11x14 — $55
    • 12x12 — $60
  • Canvas Board Size Options:
    • 5x7 — $40
    • 8x10 — $55
    • 10x10 — $60
    • 11x14 — $75
    • 12x16 — $75
    • 16x20 (standard size) — $85

Here's what I'll need:

  • Song you wish to have the painting represent
  • Size of the foundation
  • Request for add-ons, if needed

Timeframe & Payment

Once the optional consultation has been completed, I will discuss the final payment with the client.  The painting will take up to two weeks to complete, unless the client has set a deadline.  I will also provide a PDF file of the invoice for the client to look over.  If the client has a budget, the client and I can discuss the budget and work within those conditions.

The client must provide a $100 deposit in order for me to start the painting, which will later be decreased from the full price of the project.  

Currently, I am only accepting debit card or check.  If the client plans to pay with a debit card, a link will be sent to request payment via PayPal the same day the invoice is sent.  If the client pays with a check, I will give further information to the client directly.  All payment is due within 24 hours of completing the painting.  If payment is not given within, the client is subject to a $100 late fee every two weeks the payment is not sent.


Shipping is optional, however I am able to ship a finished painting to the client, internationally and domestically, if needed.

  • Within D.C., Maryland, and Virginia — $75
  • Within the USA, outside of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia — $100
  • International Shipping — $250

Agreement & Request

I, Lonnie Pauls, acknowledge that it is my responsibility, as the artist responsible for creating your one-of-a-kind commissioned painting, to abide by all of the terms and conditions I and the client have set in place.  I agree to let the client know if any issues arise and to discuss further information with the client personally.

By clicking the 'REQUEST' button below, you agree that you find my agreement reasonable and that you, as the client, will abide by the terms and conditions that you and I have set in place as well.