Business Cards


I am currently offering Business Card creation services.

Flat Rate: $90*

  • 30 minute consultation
  • Referral to Logo Designer, if needed
  • Add-ons:
    • Additional time for consultation: $25 every 30 minutes
    • Additional revision, post initial order: $70*

*Please note the final cost of the business cards from the vendor (which is chosen based on client's needs) is to be added to the flat rate.

Here's what I'll need:

  • Logos, photos, or designs that the client wants added to the business cards
  • All contact and social media information to be added to the business cards
  • Type of paper and size of business cards desired
  • Notice of a deadline or budget

Timeframe & Payment

Once the consultation has been completed, I will design a business card that will be sent to the client via email.  The client will review the design and determine if it is to their liking.  The price of the business cards themselves will be added onto the flat rate.  Once a decision is made, the client and I will discuss the final payment.  The business cards can take up to 14 business days to both complete and have shipped, unless the client has set a deadline.  I will also provide a PDF file of the invoice for the client to look over.  If the client has a budget, the client and I can discuss the budget and work within those conditions.

Once the business cards have been finalized and created, they will be shipped from the vendor to me first for a quality check.  If the business cards meet the standards in which the client and I have agreed on, they will be shipped to the client.  

Currently, I am only accepting debit card or check.  If the client plans to pay with a debit card, a link will be sent to request payment via PayPal the same day the invoice is sent.  If the pays with a check, I will give further information to the client directly.  All payment is due within 24 hours of completing the website.  If payment is not given within, the client is subject to a $100 late fee every two weeks the payment is not sent.

Agreement & Request

I, Lonnie Pauls, acknowledge that it is my responsibility, as the designer/customizer of your business cards, to abide by all of the terms and conditions I and the client have set in place.  I agree to let the client know if any issues arise and to discuss further information with the client personally.

By clicking the 'REQUEST' button below, you agree that you find my agreement reasonable and that you, as the client, will abide by the terms and conditions that you and I have set in place as well.