Social Media Management, Creation, and Consultation

I am currently offering three packages for Social Media Management, Creation, or Consultation.  This service is for the client that needs assistance managing their social media sites for professional purposes.

The social media sites I an able to manage for professional use are: 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, and Snapchat.

Social Media Management Package

Social media management is available for the client that has already created a social media site and needs assistance updating the site regularly.

  • Monthly Rate: $500
  • 30 minute consultation
  • Management of any one social media site that the client already owns and has created
  • Add-ons:
    • Additional management of social media site (based on monthly rate):
      • 3 or more additional sites: +$50
      • 2 additional sites: +$45
      • 1 additional site: +$40
    • Additional time for consultation: $25 every 30 minutes

NOTE: A log of all hours will be sent every month to ensure the social media site was managed on the days the client and I discussed during consultation.  Any time that was not spent managing the social media site(s) will not be added to the log at all; that is a guarantee.  A negotiation can be made to determine how frequent I am paid (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly).  Payment should be given in full on the day(s) the client and I have negotiated.  If the client is unable to make payment on the specified date, the client must notify me in advance if that is the case.

Social Media Creation Package

Social media creation is available for the client that does not already have social media, and needs assistance creating it.

  • $70 per site
  • 30 minute consultation
  • Creation of any website that the client desires to have for professional use
  • Add-ons:
    • Additional time for consultation: $25 every 30 minutes

Social Media Consultation Package

Social media consultation is available for the client that already has social media, but needs assistance navigating it.

Flat Rate: $50

  • Add-ons:
    • Additional time for consultation: $25 every 30 minutes

Here's what I'll need:

  • Given the social media site the client desires to have managed, be created, or be assisted in navigating.
  • For social media management clients:
    • All username and password information

Timeframe & Payment

Once the consultation has been completed, I will discuss the final payment with the client.  Each social media site will take up to one week to complete, unless the client has set a deadline.  I will also provide usernames, passwords, and other account information, if applicable, as well as a PDF file of the invoice for the client to look over.  If the client has a budget, the client and I can discuss the budget and work within those conditions.

Currently, I am only accepting debit card or check.  If the client plans to pay with a debit card, a link will be sent to request payment via PayPal the same day the invoice is sent.  If the client pays with a check, I will give further information to the client directly.  All payment is due the on days aligned with the payment schedule that is agreed upon for social media management clients, and within 24 hours of completing the service for creation and consultation clients.  If payment is not given within, the client is subject to a $100 late fee every two weeks the payment is not sent.

Any private password or email information that is to be used for the social media sites will be kept confidential.  Please keep in mind that any obscene or inappropriate information that a client may desire to be posted on their social media will immediately lose my services.

Agreement & Request

I, Lonnie Pauls, acknowledge that it is my responsibility, as the creator, consultant, or manager of your social media sites, to abide by all of the terms and conditions I and the client have set in place.  I agree to let the client know if any issues arise and to discuss further information with the client personally.

By clicking the 'REQUEST' button below, you agree that you find my agreement reasonable and that you, as the client, will abide by the terms and conditions that you and I have set in place as well.