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Chromesthetic Abstract Paintings and Freelance Services by Lonnie Pauls

book a Tarot SESSION with me


I am currently offering Tarot Readings for anyone that is seeking clarity and support.

To book a session with me, send me a message with your name, preferred contact, and how you would like your session to be given. Once the timeframe has been confirmed, I will send the payment information. Please note that payment must be made prior to the session. I will not call or send an email to start the session until payment has been received.

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For your special day, I am offering Solar Return Tarot Sessions! Solar Returns refer to the year starting the day of your birthday until the day before your next one.

Solar Return Sessions are $25 for 15 minutes and $10 for 10 additional minutes.

You can book your birthday session with me up to one week before or after your birthday. All I need is your name and date, place, and time of birth (if applicable).

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In preparation for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and Halloween, I am offering a $5 off special for tarot readings.  This promotion is only available on October 28 and 29. Book a discounted tarot session with me today!

DISCLAIMER: No tarot sessions must exceed 35 minutes. No tarot sessions can be requested by the same person more than once a week.  If a client requires my services too often, sessions can be limited as I see fit. I am not a therapist nor counselor. I can and will not receive questions regarding legal issues or health. I am not offering advice, only clarity and support.